Kyokutaisei Withdraws from Competition

Maegashira 11 Kyokutaisei has withdrawn from the 2018 Aki Basho after suffering an injury to the meniscus in his left knee during his Day 3 match against Daieisho.  The Hokkaido native hurt himself while pivoting on the edge of the dohyo in his first win this September, and was in considerable pain while dismounting the dohyo. Kyokutaisei will require a month of rest and treatment, however, his Oyakata is hopeful that his pain is only temporary and that he will return to action before Aki is over. This marks the first time Kyokutaisei has gone kyujo since joining sumo in 2008. His Day 4 opponent, Ryuden, will receive a fusen win. We at Tachiai hope Kyokutaisei heals up and returns to action soon.

8 thoughts on “Kyokutaisei Withdraws from Competition

  1. Yeah, Janet, couldn’t agree more. I thought he looked BADLY hurt after the bout. He couldn’t even begin to get into a crouch and I assume he had to be wheeled back to the locker room area. Boy, I hate seeing these injuries. You never know which ones will be a career-ender.

  2. Absolutely gutted for him – he is someone whose progress I have watched for a very long time. I was very happy to see him finally make the top division this year and then work to consolidate that position, but it looks like a return to Juryo is on the cards.

    Hopefully Tomozuna doesn’t get unreasonable here if it’s really a bad one – as a newer (much beloved) oyakata it will be interesting to see how he deals with these types of situations somewhat earlyish in his coaching career

  3. Noooooo! hope he gets the right treatment to make a full recovery so he can bounce back! this just sucks!!!!

  4. “he will return to action before Aki is over” They never learn do they? Even if by some miracle he managed to get 2 more wins in the closing stages he’s still heading to juryo. Long term health must be the priority and that means treatment and rest.

    • Hopefully, young rikishi like Onosho and Ura who have taken the surgical/rest route to dealing with injuries will lead others to value their long-term careers more than their current spots on the banzuke.

    • I swear every Oyakata is like this. “Once we have reattached his leg, he’ll be back on the dohyo before the end of Aki”.

  5. Yeah, totally confusing comment from his Oyakata. The way he was trying to get down from the dohyo, I was worried he was already worsening things by doing that without help. I was hoping he only had a sprained ankle or something, but meniscus in any case is way more serious.


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