Ura Loses Day 3

Ura Aki Day 3

Former Makuuchi rising star Ura was handed his first loss of Aki on day 3 when Daishoki applied a well timed tsukiotoshi. On day 2, Ura looked like a Makuuchi or Juryo rikishi who had decided to play around in Sandanme. On day 3 he looked like a rikishi still working hard to recover his ring sense and balance after a risky and painful medical break.

With this loss, Ura drops to 1-1, and as Herouth has pointed out, he has eliminated a short-cut into Makushita that might have been granted him if he had gone 7-0 and claimed the yusho. Ura will instead face a long hard grind back to his pink mawashi. We know he will gamberize. We know he can make it.

One thought on “Ura Loses Day 3

  1. That one loss means at least one more tournament in Sandanme—if he can win out, 6-1 would take him to around Sd30…


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