Ura’s Second Match – Day 3

Ura Aki Day 2

With the day 3 torikumi published, we know that fan favorite Ura will be facing his second opponent before noon on Tuesday. The day 3 match is against Sandanme 89 Daishoki, from Oitekaze heya. Both men come into Tuesday with 1 win. Daishoki has been a Sandanme mainstay since 2017, and is a solid rikishi, typically turning in 4-3 or 3-4 tournaments.

Ura’s first match featured some solid sumo, with Ura moving quickly, efficiently and with most of the work done by his opponent. Against an average mid to lower level Sandanme, it is likely to be another rapid, obligatory “hey, how do you do, please exit smartly, I have places to go” kind of match.

On a personal note – I do adore the fact that Ura has his pink sagari with his humble black mawashi mandated for the lower ranks.

7 thoughts on “Ura’s Second Match – Day 3

    • I would guess 6 at a minimum, but I am going to expect him to have to work hard to get through the Makushita wall. So let’s say he will be back in pink by this time next year, and back in Makuuchi in time for Natsu 2020, as a safe bet.

      • 7-0 in Sandanme would take him to somewhere in lower Makushita. 7-0 there would take him into the Makushita joi. If he continues to put up outstanding numbers, one more basho could get him to Juryo, and then two in Juryo to get to Makuuchi. This is assuming dominant, Tochinoshin-like performances in every basho. Mere kachi-koshi would take a lot longer.

  1. I see. The difference between dominating and just kachikoshi is significant. Thanks all for your views. I agree with Jemuzu: Ura brings a spice to Makuuchi and I can’t wait till he’s back!


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