Day 2 Sandanme Action – Ura Wins, Wakaichiro Loses

Ura Aki Day 2

Late morning Tokyo, two Tachiai favorites were in action on the Aki dohyo. First up was Ura, who attracted quite a bit of fan and press attention. His match against Sumanoumi was quick and one-sided. In reflection this is how it should be, Ura has earned kinboshi, and was facing a rikishi who was himself working his way back up the ranks.

Wakaichiro took to the dohyo less than 15 minutes later, and faced a Makushita rikishi back from surgery and working his way back up the banzuke. The match was sloppy, and I am sure Wakaichiro is quite frustrated with this as a start. But he has 6 matches left, and plenty or room to work on kachi-koshi. Link to video of Ura below, we will post Wakaichiro video as soon as it pops up

13 thoughts on “Day 2 Sandanme Action – Ura Wins, Wakaichiro Loses

  1. Wakaichiro flopped around like a fish out of water. Is he smiling right after the match? Lackluster, to say the least. He is better than that. Ura seemed quite solid.

    • I am not sure what was going on there, but anyone can have a dud match. He’s going to be just fine I think.

  2. This is probably the first time I had watched a Sandanme match. One thing I noticed is that the rikishi do not throw salt into the ring during the pre-bout ritual. Why is that so? I was always under the impression that salt-tossing is carried out for all sumo bouts.

    Anyone can enlighten on this?

    • Great question! I’ve been watching Jonidan and up for the last 3 bashos and I never noticed that aspect. I believe it starts at Juryo, but that’s from memory and mine is not what it used to be. Watching the lower divisions is quite educational, I’ll say that. I’ll be watching for the salt tonight. One more detail…..thank you!

    • Indeed, salt throwing is something only sekitori do (well, there have been cases it was done, when there was time between the bouts). The same goes for the chikara-mizu ceremony. So expect these trappings only in Juryo and Makuuchi.

      • No yobidashi waiting with one’s personal towel at the corner
      • No salt throwing
      • No chikara-mizu
      • No dohyo-iri
      • No prize envelopes (well, those exist only in Makuuchi).
      • No fluffy zabuton
  3. Ok, I’m not sure if posting here is appropriate, but I just gotta shout this to the world: the bout with Enho….OMG!! That man can be rooted solidly to the dohyo when he’s in the zone. Incredible!!

    • That was hugely impressive. I think Herouth is going to have a day 2 recap shortly, and she will likely discuss Enho. The young man is quite impressive.

  4. there have been some amazing tenacious bouts today! Enjo and Terutsuyoshi to name but 2. thrilled to bits to see Ura back. Wakaichiro will gamberize! and now on with the show!


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