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Welcome to Aki day 1’s live blog! No need to refresh your page, new content will appear automatically. NHK will be bringing the last 50 minutes of Makuuchi live starting at 4:00 AM US Eastern / 1:00 AM US Pacific / 4:00 PM Japan. Fire up the stream and follow along with us while Murray Johnson calls the matches.

We are expecting Bruce and Herouth for day 1, with some coverage starting as early as Jonidan.

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7 thoughts on “Aki Live Blog – Day 1

  1. I always appreciate the team’s liveblogging, but tonight I am on a red-eye flight with zero chance of streaming video; tonight you are therefore my sumo lifeline. Thank you so much!!

  2. I hope you all get your streaming sorted before we get to makushita. I want to get your thoughts on Naya and Hoshoryu who are up in the first and third matches respectively.

  3. Looking forward to mitakeumi’s performance , its going to be a tough basho for all , we finaly have 3 yokozuna and some super strong ozeki.

    He looks happy , nice

    • Guys i just discovered mitakeumi is using a mouthpiece, if u replay the videos of today – day1 sept, its before he enters the place to sit next to the monoi. I am not sure u are allowed to use a mouthpiece in sumo , in many sports its been banned cause it gives u huge advantage in strength and balance (- depending on the quality of mouthpiece )

  4. The bouts today were definitely spirited! Apparently, a lot of the rikishi are motivated and want to achieve their white stars! This is a good sign for the rest of the basho!

    • My biggest concern is Ikioi. He was clearly fighting on one leg. He always gives 110% but it may be next Saturday before he picks up a win.


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