Fan Treat – NHK Ura Video (Surgery Recovery and Aki Basho Workup)


Because you have all been such nice sumo fans, I now shamelessly share this video (in Japanese for everyone to practice their skill) recapping Ura’s injury, recovery and return to sumo competition. We are treated to watching him work his rebuilt knee, struggle with physical therapy, and generally gamberizing the crap out of his life for the last year.

The sumo world is going crazy with fans rejoicing over the return of many favorites to the dohyo, and we are right there with them!

Now everyone stay calm while I try to find a way to get to Tokyo today.

The original article can be found on the NHK site

9 thoughts on “Fan Treat – NHK Ura Video (Surgery Recovery and Aki Basho Workup)

  1. If I were down at his end of the banzuke, I’d be quaking in my boots. Since he only has to fight for half of the basho, he’ll probably have plenty of time between matches to rest and check how he’s feeling.

  2. So I take it that your plans for covering this basho here at Tachiai are changing. :-)

    Looking at Ura’s practice, his stance is better than Kisenosato’s. I’m certainly going to be digging for Sandanme videos (unless the Tachiai correspondents in the box seats provide them. Remember to take a power bank and a pocket wifi…)

    • Sadly I cannot swing a 14 day adventure in Sumida right now. But I may be able to get there for week 2.

  3. The path is pretty clear for Ura at sandanme. Most of the young guns who might give him an interesting match, like Hoshoryu, Kototebakari and Naya, are in makushita already. I guess Torakio would be fun if they get matched up, but I suspect even a 50% genki Ura would get too low for Torakio and dump the Bulgatisn right out.

    Needless to say, if Ura is anywhere near 100%, then there’s no one in Sandanme, Makushita or Juryo who can really give him trouble.

    • I am going to guess he is about 50% right now, and I think he will show a lot of ring rust. After that, I think it’s going to be a fools errand trying to stop his march back to the pink mawashi.


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