Day 1 Torikumi is Up!

The first day’s bouts have been posted. Looks like all of Makuuchi is showing up for the start of the basho. All the maegashira ranked at M4 or lower take on their East/West counterparts of the same rank. The initial joi ranks extend down to M3. West Sekiwake Ichinojo takes on Endo to start the tournament. East Sekiwake Mitakeumi leads off his Ozeki promotion campaign against Shodai. Ozeki Tochinoshin will seek the first of the eight victories he needs to clear kadoban against Chiyotairyu. We’ll get an idea of Ozeki Takayasu’s health when he takes on Yutakayama. Ozeki Goeido is matched up with Kaisei.

In his long-awaited return, Yokozuna Kisenosato gets his first test in Ikioi. In what is usually a spirited bout, Yokozuna Hakuho is matched with Komusubi Tamawashi. Finally, the musubi no ichiban features Yokozuna Kakuryu vs. Komusubi Takakeisho in the latter’s return to san’yaku.

10 thoughts on “Day 1 Torikumi is Up!

  1. wow, there’s certainly some exciting match ups there – hey Boss – look out for Krusher Tamawashi! just joking – but i reckon it’ll be a very spirited bout! down in Juryo Yago gets Meisei with Arawashi up against Uncle Sumo!

  2. All eyes will be on Kisenosato, who has only lost once to Ikioi: if he can’t win this one he will be under increased pressure very early. Endo gets an early chance to erase the memory of his Nagoya day 15 embarrassment against Ichinojo.

    Further down the ranks I am looking forward to seeing the maku’uchi debut of Takanosho (after 7 and a half years in the sport) and the return of Takanoiwa. Kagayaki v Onosho might be significant as one or both of these lads could run up a big score from the M6 slot.

    • In all fairness to Kisenosato though, Ikioi has been super genki lately. If he shows up reasonably healthy, he could give all the Yokozuna a run for their money.

  3. Man it’s soo good to see a torikumi PACKED with ozeki and yokozuna matches. I’d almost forgotten what this is like.


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