Aki Dohyo Construction Begins

Aki 2018 Dohyo.jpg

With most of Japan hoping to dodge typhoon Jebi, the yobidashi squad got to work today at the Kokugikan, tearing down the old dohyo from the Natsu basho, and constructing the new. With the basho just 5 days away, preparations are underway in the stables, at the Kokogukan and in the offices of the Japan Sumo Association. It has also been published that NHK World will once again host Sumo Live, on day 1 and day 8 (both Sundays) for Aki.

The raised fighting platform (dohyo) is built or re-built before each tournament, by hand. It’s a task that sumo’s yobidashi do with pride and a great deal of skill. For the Kokugikan, this dohyo will serve multiple purposes once its duty for the basho has elapsed. This will be the same dohyo that Harumafuji will use to perform his last dohyo-iri.

10 thoughts on “Aki Dohyo Construction Begins

  1. I seriously need to be paying more attention to the blog and reading more information that just gushing over pictures of Enho. Ahhhh if only I was younger, stronger, prettier, not to mention happily married. Looking is fine as long as that’s all you do! (lol) (Shay speaking again)

    • It is his retirement ceremony. He is not only a Yokozuna, but he also won 9 yusho. He is a larger than life figure in the world of sumo, and his retirement will be a major ceremony for the sumo world. In fact, some of our readers will be present to pay their respects. I fully expect Harumafuji to have a role to play in the future of sumo. Now that the scandal is fading into memory, many people have focused on his contributions in the past, and are hopeful for his future.

      I am sure there are some fans who don’t like it one bit, as well. Personally – I wish him only the best of fortunes.

      • My view is that, given the Harumafuji history you recite (and given the amount of brutality in the sport which regularly is overlooked), the lifetime ban on competing seemed grossly overdone. (I’ll admit my bias: there was no one I enjoyed watching wrestle more than Harumafuji.) I don’t mind the retirement ceremony or the final dohyo-iri; there just seems to be a weird incongruity about this situation.


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