13 thoughts on “Hakuho Withdraws From Jungyo Tour

  1. Okay, he’s hurt and out for a while. I get it. But I think we have to do something to get Hakuho re-energized and interested again once he’s healthy so he’ll be more willing to participate in the 15-day grind come September and/or December. And I think I have it. Are you ready?………….walk-up music. In major league baseball, the home-team players, as they are coming up to bat, have a favorite song played to get them psyched up and ready to face the pitcher. Starting pitchers as they go to the mound to start the game have special music played for them. Relief pitchers, as they enter a game from the bullpen also have their choice of songs that they want to hear. And I’ve come across the PERFECT music for Hakuho as he steps inside the straw bales. Since I am technologically inept, I am unable to present it here. If you are interested enough or curious enough or bored enough, please go on Youtube and type in ”Ifukube Akira Godzilla Medley”, It’s a 2 minute 59 second video of two songs. The first song can be his ring entering music. The second song can be his ring exiting music. I know what you are all thinking, believe me, but give it a listen. The music is made for The King of the Ring. I await your numerous likes and will graciously accept any and all kudos for this revolutionary idea.

    • I’m stunned and somewhat saddened by the lack of enthusiasm for my brilliant idea of ”Yokoyuza walk-up music”. There isn’t a sumo wrestler in Japan that hasn’t fantasized of himself rising out of Tokyo Bay to dish out pain and utter destruction to any and all that stand before him. First, my idea of air-conditioning the venues used for the May, July, and September goes over like a fart in church and now numerous thumbs down for this stroke of genius. I am truly shocked and utterly chagrined. And I’m also running out of ideas.

      • Hakuho: Enter Sandman: Kakuryu, some weird Mongolian throat singing thing: Kisenosato 4.33 by John Cage. Yoshikaze: Raining Blood: Mitakeumi: Wrecking Ball: Onosho Killing in the Name: Endo: something by AKB48.

      • You don’t need to feel humiliated, you had an idea but did not fall well with everybody. I personally don’t feel that there is need or space for entrance music. I do not see how it would work. Plus taking out a page from WWE, UFC, boxing, kickboxing basically any sports entertainment/combat sport show and coping a sumo might not be so original or brilliant. But i like the discussion that it started, and specially the Enter Sandman for Hakuho.

        • Just for the record (not that anyone cares), I was just joking about the whole concept of ”sumo walk-up music”. Even I know, ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NO ONE connected even remotely with the world of sumo would ever for a moment think that was doable. I was kidding. It just so happens I came across that ”Godzilla Medley”, loved it and used the concept of walk-up music to bring that incredible music to the board’s attention. So before anyone crucifies me for being monumentally sacrilegious to the tradition of sumo, I really was just joking around.

  2. It may be a concept hard to fathom but I think Hakuho is simply getting old… The greatest Yokozuna of this generation and perhaps of all time is now 33 years old and plagued by injuries. Does he still have a few yusho in him? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Personally however I would very much like to see him dominate a tournament again like he did in the past.

    • Moi aussi. And I’d very much like to see Kisenosato contend again, but I’m not betting on that either. I’m just blessed that I was able to see both of them at their best.


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