Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 8

🌐 Location: Nagano city, Nagano


The event at Nagano might have well been called “The Mitakeumi Basho”. It was held at the White Ring, the stadium that hosted the ice skating events during the Nagano Winter Olympics of 1998 – a very fancy venue. And no less than 6,000 spectators – twice as many as a usual Jungyo event – went there to cheer for their favorite yusho winner.

Mitakeumi T-Shirts, Mitakeumi Nobori, Mitakeumi everywhere!

The mayor even led everybody in Banzai for Mitakeumi:

But wait, what is the Mitakeumi fan club doing being photographed with… Hakuho?


Some explanation is in order. The lady in the middle, hanging on Hakuho’s right shoulder, is Margarita, Mitakeumi’s mom. Turns out she is a huge Hakuho fan, as this other news video will show you:

She is running around screaming because Hakuho shook her hand and said “congratulations for the Yusho”.

The photo above, by the way, was taken by non other than her dutiful son.

Speaking of Hakuho, I wondered in the past if he is still staying flexible, given the nature of his current injury. Well, this is his answer:


A nice sum of money will go to anybody who gets me an authentic photo of this scene taken from the seat right behind him. :-)

Goeido gave all his love to Wakatakakage:


Kisenosato didn’t just watch, but did the same for Chiyonoumi:


By the way, you know that when a Yokozuna shows up for practice, everybody has to greet him. This is how it looks when Kakuryu is the Yokozuna in question:

That ladle of chikara-mizu Ikioi is pringing the Yokozuna (the out-of-focus part, sorry) is also a show of respect. But seriously, Ikioi, you’re holding up everybody else.

The same ceremony when Hakuho is in the building:

Which Yokozuna is politer?

There was kiddie Sumo:

And a demonstration of oicho-mage construction, featuring you-know-who:


And… guess what move Ishiura used for his bout?


Finally, the Musubi-no-ichiban:

Another angle:

Signing out, you know what’s coming. Enho! Doing some synchronized workout with Tobizaru:


5 thoughts on “Natsu 2018 Jungyo Newsreel – Day 8

  1. Thanks for the proof that Ikioi was on the jungyo tour, and not hanging out in England with his fiancee over the weekend. The golf announcers kept hinting he was going to make an appearance, even though they did not know his name! Google is your friend, golf announcers.

    Ms. Higa did well to come in fourth in the women’s open championship, even while struggling a bit on the final day. Kudos to her!

    • It was my first chance to see Miss Higa play; I watched all four days. She is a very solid player, long off the tee, nice touch with her short game, and a good putter. Will she continue to play after she becomes Mrs. Ikioi? I hope so.

      By the way, thanks again, Herouth, for another thoroughly entertaining and informative report. Always a delight!

      • By the way, concerning Miss Higa’s Day 4 struggles: The course had dried out and was playing much faster, as is typical for a dry links course. Playing on the JLPGA, as she does, I’ll bet Miss Higa almost never experiences anything remotely like the browned-out, speedy conditions that prevailed at Royal Lytham on Sunday.

        We now return to our regularly scheduled sumo programming…

  2. have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘green’ announcements and updates as part of this particular scheduled sumo programming – thanks for your insights! and thanks again Herouth! i think you posed a rhetorical question re who was the politer yokozuna! it was lovely to see Kakuryu acknowledge each and every rikishi who came to show their respects. Hakuho – take note! Some classic Mitakeumi and Marguerita links there – loving this dynamic duo! and Tobizaru/Enhou synchronised stretching/lunges – very nice indeed!


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