Ishikawa: Jungyo Site #4

The summer tour now hops the prefectural border to stop in Komatsu, Ishikawa. I wonder if the construction company is a sponsor? It would be funny if Kubota or Kawasaki was instead. Ishikawa is shusshin to considerably more active wrestlers than our previous stops, (10) including Endo, Kagayaki, Enho, and Shunba.

A short trip from Kubota, oops, Komatsu, is the prefectural capital of Kanazawa. There’s a lot of history and scenic views from Kanazawa, including the gardens which surround its castle. Ishikawa is another coastal prefecture so it is known for its seafood as well as fresh produce.

5 thoughts on “Ishikawa: Jungyo Site #4

  1. Kanazawa is one of those lesser known (for tourists anyway) places but definitely worth a visit.

    • I just recently read that Kanazawa has over 12 million visitors a year and I think that have been 2016 numbers. I think it has always been a popular spot for domestic tourists, but since the SHinkansen line to Kanazawa opened in 2015 the visitors kinda went through the roof ;)

  2. Loved our time in Kanazawa a few years ago. The train station, where you can get the Kagayaki shinkansen (LOL!), is awesome. We went in November, when the famous Kenroku-en garden was not so crowded and they had set up the trees with their snow rope protections. We splurged to stay at the Beniya Mukayu ryoken, one of the onsen inns nearby. What a great part of the country.


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