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Gifu is the site of the first leg of the this summer tour as it snakes its way from Nagoya back to Tokyo, then up to Hokkaido. Do train/bus miles accumulate award points like airline miles? I found this great tweet of them setting up the dohyo in preparation. It’s a pristine thing of beauty, isn’t it? Kinda makes me want to have one in my living room…my wife would make me put it in the back yard but it would get rained on. This week makes me think it would get washed away.

Of particular interest to this post is the fact that all three Yokozuna are scheduled to appear. The post comes from the account of the local Gifu-ken newspaper. Local newspapers seem to be frequent sponsors of honbasho, so it makes sense that they’d put in on the tours, too. According to the Jungyo presser, tickets are sold out. Apparently, they were only on sale until the 20th…which is a little weird…but, whatever. Some were being sold through a newspaper but their website also says their tickets are sold out.

That makes me think that I’ll need to plan any Jungyo visit well in advance next time I’m in Japan. None of my, “no schedule,” “flying-by-seat-of-pants” -style vacations. Bummer. The moral: plan, plan, plan, and I need to start researching October’s Jungyo schedule if it’s going to be of any help to any of you traveling. I’d rather the “fun, fun, fun,” method…till my T-Bird got taken away.

Gifu is home to Shirakawago, which is a very unique, historic village. It was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. These peculiar roofs on the buildings are made from straw and tied together with rope instead of using nails. That’s a two hour drive, though, from the Jungyo site in Oogaki city.

A bit closer in, along the Nagaragawa river, is this kind of night fishing with fire. They use cormorants (birds) to catch the fish (called ayu). The birds catch the fish, the fisherman reels back in his birds, and…well…a delicacy is born. Gifu city has a very historic downtown along the Nagaragawa River and the scenery is dominated by the mountains and forests. Oogaki-city itself has a castle, like Nagoya.

5 thoughts on “Gifu: Sumo Summer Tour Site

  1. Hey Tachiai – looking to attend Fukuoka Basho (travelling from UK). Could you put the link to the article giving practical advice for sumo tourists in a reply please? (I’m sure there has been one on this site but apologies if not). It’s for a special birthday and I’m really excited!

  2. Re: jungyo tickets – buysumotickets tends to take preorders, I believe for jungyo as well. I was able to bundle jungyo as well as basho tix in one order earlier this year so that should take the pressure off high-precision planning at least a little bit!

    • I’ll also be in Fukuoka in November and plan to see a day or two of sumo but i’ll also be in Tokyo, do you know if the Kokugikan will be open?
      Shirakawa-go is a fantastic place I visited there earlier in the year and I would highly recommend it to anyone planning on going to Japan.

      • It should be. They have a small museum with a few artifacts and a little room for merch. I like the quiet little park nearby and they’ve got several good restaurants in that area. That said, it’s super convenient to where I stay when I’m in Tokyo. It’s close to Sky Tree/Oshiage area, Akihabara, Asakusa, so if there’s no tournament, probably worth swinging by if you’re hitting up or close by any of those bigger sites.


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