New Juryo for Aki

Via the Sumo Forum: returning to Juryo for Aki are Hakuyozan, Tachiai favorite Enho, Jokoryu and Akua. The corresponding demotions to Makushita are Sokokurai (who sat out all of Nagoya), Homarefuji, Churanoumi and Kizenryu. Jokoryu was ranked as high as Komusubi four years ago, before falling all the way to Sandanme. Kizenryu holds the record for 9 separate promotions from Makushita to Juryo, each time falling back below the “heaven/hell” boundary after a single basho in the second-highest division.

6 thoughts on “New Juryo for Aki

  1. Really happy to see Jokoryu back. He hovered around the magical line for a while. Hope Toyonoshima can make the jump next time ;)

    • Fingers crossed for Jokoryu. Talent by the bucketload, healthy for almost 2 years and still only 29.

        • Thats true and has me worried a bit too. I didn’t see much bouts of him neither do I know how healthy he really was.
          Tochinoshin obviously tore through Makushita and Juryo like a hot knife through butter, but then again we expect Tochinoshin to go on a Yokozuna run, when gets back healthy again.

        • Lack of sheer power has always been his problem, similar to Shodai. On the upside, that’s a shortcoming that matters less in 15 bouts than in 7. In makushita you can’t really afford to run into matchups where you just don’t have what it takes to beat the opponent. Doubt we’ll see him back in makuuchi for more than a cup of coffee at most, but a few more years in juryo should be doable. I don’t think he’s significantly worse than current mainstays such as Chiyonoo and Tsurugisho.


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