Summer Jungyo! 26 Dates!

If any sumo fans are visiting Japan over the next month, check the summer Jungyo schedule for events near you! The tour will take our travelling troupe of t-restlers on an extensive, month long trip around the country. A few stops are around Tokyo and the Kanto region but the tour extends as far north as Hokkaido. Yusho-holder Mitakeumi will be welcomed home in Nagano on August 5 & 6.

If you’re in Japan and want to escape the heat…and catch some sumo…check out those northern tour dates.

3 thoughts on “Summer Jungyo! 26 Dates!

  1. Andy, can u email me your email address? i’ve gone into the Sapporo dates and did a google translate of majority of the details on your link. it makes for an interesting read. i’ve got it saved as a pdf document so i’ll email it to you and let you work out how to turn it into a blog post for sharing ;-) Den

  2. 26 dates- that’s five more that last year. Great for the fans, but not so great for the wrestlers.


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