Wakaichiro Finishes Nagoya With A Win


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro completed the Nagoya basho with his 4th win, earning his first kachi-koshi in Sandanme, and ensuring his place in that division for September’s Aki basho. Over the course of the past two weeks, Wakaichiro has shown significantly improved sumo, and overcame an early string of losses, to “win out” and ensure his promotion.

The team at Tachiai extend our congratulations for an excellent, hard fought tournament. Even when he was down 1-3, Wakaichiro rallied and pulled it off. We look forward to harder matches and tougher competition in September.

We will bring you video as soon as we can find it, his expression following the match is carefully restrained elation.

Wakaichiro day 14
Day 14 Match Photo – Shamelessly Stolen From The NSK Twitter Feed

9 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Finishes Nagoya With A Win

  1. Love this kid and wishing him continued success — and I am so glad to have some good news out of Nagoya. Too much has been otherwise.


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