Chiyonokuni Withdraws From Nagoya


Another one of Tamawashi’s opponents has gone kyujo after a rough kotenage caused an injury during the match. This time it is Chiyonokuni, who sustained injury to his left elbow during the throw. This gives a fusen win to Ikioi, and gives ikioi his kochi-koshi.

The team at Tachiai sincerely hope that Chiyonokuni recovers soon, and returns to action in September.

13 thoughts on “Chiyonokuni Withdraws From Nagoya

    • Janet, I’m sure he won’t have to be told. If you rewatch that match, I’m betting the moment he pulled the throw Tamawashi felt Chiyonokuni’s hand at that odd angle on Tamawashi’s side and he began to move towards his fallen opponent in concern just as he hit the ground. When Chiyonokuni grabbed his elbow, Tamawashi got that disgusted look on his face because he knew for sure what he had initially feared—–that he had injured the man. Tamawashi has got to be sick. Damn, this is a tough sport to watch sometimes.

      • I didn’t notice on my first watch; your comment prompted me to watch again and pay attention to Tamawashi’s reaction. You’re absolutely right — he was furious at himself.

      • Agree entirely — first the move immediately after the throw, then the expression when he saw what had happened. This whole basho has been hard to watch, but that moment was particularly tough. Stupid Nagoya…

    • Dentay, I’m surprised Takayasu hasn’t run up the white flag yet. It’s noontime in Japan and no sign from his camp that he’s had enough. What would possess him to continue? All he has to gain is a couple more heaps of pay packets, but he has to win to get them and he’s doing more dancing than fighting these days. Anybody know why he would struggle on, other than Ozeki pride, of course?


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