Nagoya State of Play, Day 11

The yusho race

Undefeated Mitakeumi (11-0) leads by 2 wins over the M13 duo of Tochiozan and Asanoyama. Having finally overcome Kaisei, tomorrow the leader takes on another bugbear in Takayasu, who has defeated the Sekiwake in 6 straight bouts. Tochiozan faces Myogiryu, while Asanoyama moves way up the banzuke to take on Kaisei. The 3-loss group is down to four men: Goeido, Endo, Yutakayama, and Hokutofuji. And of course, the schedulers have paired them off for tomorrow (Goeido vs. Endo and Yutakayama vs. Hokutofuji), so tomorrow it will be down to two.

The upper ranks

Goeido got his all-important 8th win to clear his kadoban status. It will be interesting to see how much resistance he puts up against Endo, who has beaten the Ozeki the last four times they’ve faced off. Takayasu is still looking for his 8th after losing to a suddenly awake Ichinojo, who helped his own chances of staying in San’yaku. Tamawashi lost, putting his own San’yaku status in some doubt. Despite his loss to Endo, Takakeisho still leads the scramble for promotion to San’yaku, with IkioiChiyonokuni, Kaisei and Endo in pursuit.

The demotion danger zone

The group in danger of demotion dwindled considerably. Chiyoshoma, Chiyomaru and Ryuden still need a win apiece, while OkinoumiYoshikaze and Ishiura need two. If the basho ended today, going down would be Arawashi, who likely needs to win 3 of the last 4 to avoid this fate, and the two debutants, Kotoeko and Meisei, who both now have zero room for error.

Takanoiwa will definitely rejoin the top division in September, and he is most likely to be joined by Takanosho and Kotoyuki.

6 thoughts on “Nagoya State of Play, Day 11

  1. Mitakeumi should win this basho. However, Takayasu may be injured but he’s still in dire need of that 8th win, so it won’t be an easy match for Mitakeumi. We might get a surprise tomorrow.

  2. Question: Can a Kyujo Rikishi win a yusho if his accumulated wins at the time he goes kyujo surpass those of the next best rikishi?

    Say, for example that Mitakeumi were to break a leg on day 14, still undefeated, so he cannot fight on day 15, but still would have the most wins at the end of the tournament. Would he be discqualifid for having gone Kyujo, or would he win in his own absence?

    • Yes, here are examples of yusho winners who got injured on day 14 and withdrew for the last day.


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