Day 6 Demotion to Juryo Danger Level

The following rikishi still need wins to avoid demotion to Juryo for Aki. The danger level corresponds to the approximate number of victories required in the remaining 9 days and ranges from low (Asanoyama, probably safe with one more win and definitely with 2) to high (Meisei, needs to go 6-3 or better to avoid going right back down after one top-division tournament).

Asanoyama 1.5
Nishikigi 2
Yoshikaze 2.5
Aoiyama 2.5
Onosho 2.5
Tochiozan 2.5
Chiyoshoma 3
Kyokutaisei 3
Chiyomaru 3
Okinoumi 3
Sadanoumi 4
Hokutofuji 4
Ishiura 4.5
Ryuden 4.5
Arawashi 5
Kotoeko 5
Meisei 6

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