Wakaichiro Loses Day 5

Wakaichiro Day 5 Nagoya

In late morning action in Nagoya, Wakaichiro lost match #3 of the Nagoya tournament to Kototora, dropping to 1-2 for the tournament. The notable aspect of the match was that Kototora looked to have had Wakaichiro beaten several times, just to see Wakaichiro escape and renew his attack. It’s also noted that Wakaichiro seemed to have quite a bit of tape on his right arm and right shoulder,and right knee today. Hopefully he is not injured to any great extent.

One thought on “Wakaichiro Loses Day 5

  1. the fact that Wakaichiro rallied as many times as he did despite the heavy taping to whatever the injuries are that he’s currently carrying is a testament to him. he’s becoming more than a handful to his opponents, win, lose or draw ;-)


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