Hattorizakura Won…or more precisely, Soga lost

File this one in the “Record Book of Sumo Oddities”. Hattorizakura’s streak of 89 consecutive losses has been broken. Perhaps Soga wants to begin his own streak? This is Soga’s first tournament, and his second bout. His first bout was an okuridashi loss to Roman. Hattorizakura’s last win was in 2016 to fellow Jonokuchi sandbagger, Sawanofuji.

There wasn’t really a kimarite. This was a non-kimarite of koshikudake, where the opponent basically just collapses. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened now, in the first tournament with no mae-zumo recruits. At least the opponent didn’t roll around, requiring about 5 mattas. Anyway, as I said, we can now file this away and never speak of it again.

14 thoughts on “Hattorizakura Won…or more precisely, Soga lost

  1. Hattorizakura must be so mad. Soga took a dive and unsportingly denied Hattorizakura’s quest to achieve 100 straight losses at Jonokuchi.

    Back to the drawing board for Hattorizakura.

  2. fancy destroying Hattorizakura’s quest for 100! so tantilisingly close! I think Soga has been watching some of the World Cup! I was hoping when it was Hattorizakura’s time to win, HE would be the one to provide the winning move – so in a way he’s probably disappointed to win in such a manner. Poor kid, just needs a big hug!

  3. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happened now, in the first tournament with no mae-zumo recruits.”


  4. Hey, it’s not the end of his quest for 100 straight losses — it’s the beginning of a winning streak. I choose to live in slightly manic hope on his behalf. (Hey, someone’s got to.)

    • My assumption is that he has nowhere else to go. Sumo is a good place for orphans, honestly.

  5. It’s hard to say what happened to Soga there. Was it his ankle that gave out, and if so, why? The explanation I favour is that he has a glass jaw and Hattorizakura’s shoulder blast (yes, “blast” I say!) rattled his noggin.

    • That Soga did actually get a clonk with H’s shoulder just before he collapsed is more apparent from a different angle (seen in a vid shared by Herouth on twitter): https://youtu.be/iGEJiAwHIs8?t=1m29s .

  6. Soga did counter the shoulder with his throat, maybe that disrupted thinking about his right foot moving forward. Or maybe he just stubbed his toe.

    I would love to see a 30 minute NHK feature on Hattorizakura, it’s an Eddie the Eagle sort of story. Wonder what makes him tick.

    Perhaps one day he’ll earn kachi-koshi and cash in on the film rights. The Miracle on Dirt.

  7. Does anybody know if the other Hattorizakura win is posted as video? Would be great to keep a career highlights reel.

  8. Here’s one that has me puzzled. Suppose Hattorizakura was interviewed after a win, would he say.

    “I want to keep practicing my style of sumo.”

    Thanks for the link to win #1.

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