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Thanks to Herouth, a number of news tidbits that have been bumping around on Twitter are tee’d up for us to enjoy. At present, all of the stables are in the Nagoya area, with rikishi working hard to tune up for the basho that starts in 10 short days.


As we all know, perpetually injured Yokozuna Kisenosato is struggling to find a way to exit the active portion of his career with some element of dignity intact. He had been making good efforts in practice matches at the Tagonoura against Takayasu, and appeared to have some spark. Word today that during training he injured his right arm, but insists he is fine. Sadly the truth is it’s been more than a year since Kisenosato has really had intensive upper body training, and his muscles are now de-conditioned to some extent. With joint ichimon training over the next two days, we may get a preview of just how tough his situation is.


The Boss is taking practice matches against the like of Ishiura, Enho, Yamaguchi and Onokura. He ended the day with 14 wins and 2 losses. This (at least to me) indicates that the dai-Yokozuna may be in good fighting form by shonichi.


During Sakaigawa’s degeiko, kadoban Ozeki Goeido took on Mitakeumi for a series of matches, finishing 14 wins and 3 losses. He stated that the problems with his left ankle have been resolved, and he is feeling positive about the upcoming bash.

6 thoughts on “Nagoya News Round Up

  1. Thanks for the interesting updates. Not looking good for Mitakeumi if he’s gone 3-14 with Goeido (unless he’s been upgraded to version 3.0?!)

    Feels like a continuing cycle of Kisenosato being reported as looking good in training only to withdraw or give away kinboshi left right and centre. I’d love to see a respectable finale, even 7 wins, but if that isn’t possible he would be better to just call it a day.

  2. I genki Goiedo would be a treat. Love the fierce face when he’s in form and feeling confident.

    • I think news worthy but I need to look at historic trend at Nagoya. I seem to remember a lot of recruits at Tokyo and Osaka.

      • Since 1987 the Nagoya turn up has been single digits. But it’s only the second time since the establishment of the shin-deshi health check that there have been no applicants at all.


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