Wakaichiro Update

We covered Texan sumotori Wakaichiro at the start of our day 8 live blogging marathon, where he won his match against Shinyashiki. Now through the magic of the internet, video above of that match so fans around the world can see him in action. It’s great to see the improvement between even his last tournament in Osaka and today. Clearly gaining muscle, balance and reaction times. This match features a monoii, as the touch out looked fairly close.

The man from Texas is back on the Natsu dohyo day 10, facing off against 105 kg Kotosato, from the Sadogatake heya. This is their first ever match, and kachi-koshi is on the line. We wish good fortune to Wakaichiro, and as always we will bring you results of the match as soon as they are known, and video of the match as soon as we can find it.

Go Texas Sumo!

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