Endo Kyujo! (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I’m gutted. Endo is injured. He will go kyujo today, and Tochinoshin will get a very timely fusen win.

There’s not much detail known now but I will check back soon. About to put the kids to bed.


Endo has withdrawn from competition due to a distal bicep rupture in his right arm. A distal bicep rupture occurs when the tendon attached to the bicep is torn, and depending on the severity of the tear, Endo will most likely require surgery to correct it. Endo’s medical certificate states that he will need three weeks recuperation, but this time frame may change depending on the degree of medical intervention needed.

Surgery for a distal bicep rupture is highly recommended, as not doing so will result in loss of strength in the affected arm. Reading about this development, I can’t help but think of the Kisenosato situation. Kisenosato may have so much to teach younger generations of rikishi, but I sincerely hope that Endo does not follow the Yokozuna’s example when it comes to rehabbing injured muscles.

The team at Tachiai hope Endo takes the necessary medical steps to make a full recovery and that we will see him atop the dohyo again soon!


8 thoughts on “Endo Kyujo! (Yomiuri Shimbun)

  1. Terrible news for such a promising young rikishi. I feel so bad for Endo; the sumo prodigy who finally reaches the san’yaku ranks after fighting back from injury only to be sidelined by injury once more. Hopefully whatever is ailing him is minor and he can reclaim his place in the upper ranks by Aki or Kyushu.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he injured during that awesome bout against Ichinojo on Day 5. He may have been simply exhausted after dancing with the 500-pounder, but it’s possible he got injured because he didn’t seem like the same guy today.

  3. Shifting that much Mongolian mountain could have dine some severe muscle and nerve strain 😣😩

  4. Very sad at such a threshold in his career. Completely agree about the Kisenosato situation. If it is something similar I hope he takes the time to repair and heal properly even if that means a slide down the banzuke.

  5. I hope they get him to a sports doctor ASAP. Houston Methodist has a good online article on distal bicep rupture.

    Says that old persons who do not need arm strength might elect to decline the surgery on a non dominant arm.

    If its a complete rupture, he’ll need surgery to have any chance of returning to a high level.

    What lousy luck.


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