Goeido 2.1 Released

Goeido 2.0

Goeido version 2.1 was on full display today. What’s new in this maintenance release is that the developers finally realized that in version 2.0 they’d installed the directional controls upside-down. The quick patch was to cover the control panel with a Post-It note. From his squat, the laser-guided targeting system locked in on his prey. Shohozan’s attempts at butsukari were shrugged off as Goeido 2.1 steadily advanced.

Any trepidation around Hakuho’s health will not be eased by his performance today. He won his bout today, after very nearly giving it away. From the outset, it seemed he had made up his mind he would win by scooping Mitakeumi out to his right. It finally worked on attempt #5. A bit too frantic for what I’m used to…as if he wanted to avoid getting wrapped up in a belt battle at all costs.

Kakuryu, looking solid, got a quick and easy win over Tamawashi. Tamawashi committed to bulling forward at the tachiai and Kakuryu deflected him out with very little harm done. Tamawashi just standing there on the edge of the dohyo, dejected, “Where’d he go?” マ…何処に行ったんだ?

Tochinoshin looked like an Ozeki today, tormented by a fly. Abi’s attack seemed to really piss him off, so he wrapped up the youngster and dropped him off the edge with a scowl. My most encouraging sign of the day was that Ichinojo looked dominant against Kaisei. Kaisei locked in early and seemed to expect an easy lean for a few minutes. My guess is there was some ice cream waiting for Ichinojo because he was not content with waiting. Rather than passively reacting, he was mobile and active. Brilliant stuff from the monster.

More to come…

7 thoughts on “Goeido 2.1 Released

  1. I agree with your observations completely, Andy. I’m also really, really worried at the number of bandages that I’m seeing on the rikishi right now. A lot of them have started taping their wrists to give them extra support, but beyond that there are a lot of banged up rikishi in the top division right now. And that’s just the obvious, wrapped up injuries. Ugh.

    Hakuho was definitely not his normal self today and I’m wondering if we’re going to see more Kakuryu-esque pulling from him in the future. Tactics need to be updated based on health and age and doing that is smart. Just ask Aminishiki and Takekaze.

    • Yes. Too many injured or hurt. Only 18 months ago we had 4 competing Yokuzuna and lots of rising stars. I miss Kisenosato and Harumafuji. With good medical attention Kisenosato might have returned (a torn pectoral if treated quickly can usually be repaired). Losing Harumafuji was unnecessary. All these Rikishi are precious; sumo needs to value them more.

      Rikishi should not fight when hurt. They should be given the bets of medical care. An admirable, powerful Yokuzuna should not be tossed over a single incident. Sumo must wake up or it will disappear.

  2. Hopefully they’ve installed a patch to prevent a recurrence of bouncy castle mode!

    • Ha! So the Bouncy Castle mode is a back door hack uncovered by Russian or North Korean hackers. I think the engineers have patched it, but we have to keep an eye out.


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