I am very happy to announce the opening of Shop.Tachiai.Org! We’re starting off with T-Shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts and mugs. I am a huge fan of the designs that the folks at PUSH put together. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite. I think the Evolution one is just edging out the Weekend Forecast, IMHO. They even took my hastily-drawn green macaron and made it look great. In honor of the start of Natsu Basho, use the code HAJIME this weekend for 20% off!!!

Watch this space because I plan to roll out new merch over time, maybe Tachiai moonshine this year and a nice, aged, single malt whiskey in a few years? Right now, the barley in the back yard is only a foot tall, though. My son wants me to come out with a line of Tachiai branded, mawashi-like underwear. While brilliant, the idea of Kotoshogiku picking out his wedgie suddenly has me looking for the mind bleach. I think polo shirts, sweats, and zip hoodies at some point down the line, are a bit more likely.

Update The place to enter discount codes is over on the right side of the screen when you’re entering your shipping information. I’m going to check on the exact timing of the start but I know it runs through Monday morning Eastern time in the US. Let me know if you run into any issues.


35 thoughts on “SHOP.TACHIAI.ORG IS OPEN!!

      • It needs a US localized version just so I’m not going “Sweaters? That’s a sweatshirt!” “30 degrees?! How am I washing this apparel in ice water?” :)

  1. Order processed #TACH1011 but couldn’t enter HAJIME anywhere to get the 20% discount

    • Yikes! Thank you for telling me…let me check. It’s still Friday here, where are you? I’m going to check what time zones.

        • When you are entering your address information, there’s a box on the right side of the screen. I can’t put the screenshot in this comment so I will update the post and DM you on Twitter. I’m going to check with them about the timing of the code availability. It should be available through Monday morning Eastern time US.

          • U refer to the code or voucher box? Can’t remember what it’s called, but tried entering HAJIME in there and it didn’t recognise it

            • I’m checking with them on the timing. Thank you for letting me know. I got the same error just now but it’s still 10pm Friday here.

    • I like the idea! Maybe something like a dirt-covered Endo after getting a Hakuho special.

  2. All I want is an Ichinojo shirt… Even if it’s just a picture of a castle on top of a giant mountain being held up by 4 elephants on top of a tub of ice cream, Discworld style.

  3. Is it “American” sized or “Japanese” sized? Japanese shirt sizes run about a full size smaller than American.

  4. Saturday 7:35 AM EDT; HAJIME still not working. I’m assuming the website will handle the currency translation.

    • I just checked again. I’ll update the screenshot above. After you click “Apply,” it should factor in the discount.

      • For those of us with processed orders it didn’t work for will the discount be app,ied behind the scenes? Just curious 😉

  5. Tried 7:40 PM Saturday. HAJIME worked! Unforttunately, both cards were declined. Dang! I want that mug!

  6. The code didn’t work the first time, and I forgot to go back and try again on Sunday. Ah well, I need to donate some t-shirts before I have room for new ones anyway. :/

    • Yes. Were you looking for anything in particular? I have to work out the logistics but I do hope to re-open it at some point.

      • You had a simple sumo kyokai shirt with the flower logo. Missing sumo and want to support people financially during this tough time.

        • that one is top of my short list for next purchases once store revived down the track ;-)

    • Thank you for thinking of us! I hope to have it back in the new year with some new stuff. I got a 3D printer that I am dying to try out. If I actually make something cool and quality, you can bet it will be up here.


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