May 2nd Sumo News Roundup


As we count down the days until the Natsu basho kicks off in Tokyo, rikishi are preparing to battle it out for the tournament’s 15 days. In training we have seen alarming problems for Takayasu, who collapsed in pain during training at Tagonoura,but later seemed to recover. We have also seen Ozeki hopeful Tochinoshin confess to a right shoulder injury during the jungyo tour, that may cause him significant problems as he pushes for double digit wins.

Perpetually injured Yokozuna Kisenosato seems to be doing better, but is (in my opinion) doubtful for this tournament. In reports from Herouth, there has been some kabu shuffling as of late, which could indicate that he has owned up to the prospects of ever recovering full use of his left arm, and is seeking a dignified exit from the dohyo, and a transition into coaching, running a stable or other role within the NSK.

Meanwhile, compact powerhouse Ishi-ura became the father of a baby at 3:30 AM Japan time. Both mother and child are doing well, and we congratulate the new father on his family. Former sekitori Osunaarashi has decided to switch to mixed martial arts (MMA), and we will likely see him in battle again before too long. We wish the big Egyptian luck, but recognize the battered condition his body was in during his final tournaments, and urge him find a way to stay healthy.

You want more from today’s soken? Josh and Nicola are attending, and Nicola is posting lots of great photos!

10 thoughts on “May 2nd Sumo News Roundup

  1. some lovely instagram pics on Ishiura’s account of the newest addition to the Ishiura-clan! welcome to the world little one :-)

  2. I bet little Ishiura did a henka right out of the gate and went straight for the mawashi of the baby in the next crib…

    • hahahaha – he looked way too relaxed and happy in the pics to have henka’d anything ;-)

  3. Hey Josh and Nicola, the Soken looks awesome, it’s always been a dream of mine to attend. How did you get tickets? Many thanks!

  4. Hey Tom, I got there at 6:50am 😂
    It is a free event, so you just show up. Because of this, there is no set seats, so if you want a box you need to be in quickly. I was fortunate enough to be in a Masu box. Just a tip, if you chose to sit in a box, because it isn’t a Basho, they do not provide cushions … my arse is still in pain.

    • Thanks! Yeah I know the experience of queueing in the morning, had to get up to arrive about 5:30am in Nagoya last year haha


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