Ryogoku Festival & Golden Week


Shikoroyama-beya chanko
“Team Shikoroyama” serves chanko at the street fair in Ryogoku

We have a busy week ahead of us in sumo, as the banzuke is revealed on Monday here in Tokyo, and the Yokozuna Deliberation Committee will host their upcoming soken on Thursday at Kokugikan. Coinciding with all of this is the holiday period here in Japan known as the Golden Week. This weekend in Ryogoku, a street fair was conducted, and our friends at Inside Sport Japan alerted us that rikishi would be serving chankonabe at food stalls in the area:

I went to drop in on the action today, and met up with Tachiai instagram contributor Nicola. As part of the festivities, the Kokugikan was open to the public, meaning that members of the community could check out the incredible sumo museum as well as buy sumo merchandise normally only available at a honbasho. The Sumo Association mascots were also on hand to take pictures with children (and Tachiai contributors).

Sumo Merch at Kokugikan
Sumo merchandise in the Kokugikan (photo credit: @nicolaah)

Members of Tatsunami-beya were on hand selling chanko for ¥500 on the grounds of Kokugikan, so we had a seat there and indulged in a tasty dish which was not too different from the variety typically served during a Tokyo basho. Down the street in the main part of the street fair, Shikoroyama-beya (some members of whom were dressed in very cool “Team Shikoroyama” t-shirts) were also selling their brand of chanko. Unfortunately, I was sated from the first bowl and did not indulge. I hope Tachiai-favorite Abi does not hold this against us!

Chanko at Kokugikan
Chanko served up by members of Tatsunami-beya at Kokugikan (photo credit: @nicolaah)

Plenty of rikishi were out in the street. Nicola spotted a few members of Michinoku-beya, and that unique smell of binzuke was almost impossible to escape.

Much like the jungyo event I experienced earlier in the week, the street fair events were very family friendly, with plenty of activities for children (and Tachiai contributors) including balloon animals, games, and dance and drum performances. Much credit should go to both the local community and the sumo community for putting together a great event!

Golden Week street fair Ryogoku
The festival was very well attended and featured numerous food and activity vendors.

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    • Yep! I actually have one at home that I bought last year in Nagoya due to the insane heat – his merch is still very popular even though he’s been away half a year, although now we’re starting to see more merch for the likes of Abi, etc


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