5 thoughts on “Natsu Banzuke Is Live!

  1. Abi and Yutakayama get their first meat grinder experience this tournament. I don’t think Abi’s frequent henkas will work as well this time around. I hope he takes the opportunity to face the big guns head on. As tough as that will be, it’ll be in his long term interest to learn how to fight them straight up.

  2. Hoping for a strong kachi-koshi from Tochiozan. If he’s in good shape he should bounce back to safety. Also, nice to see Myogiryu hanging on for another basho.

    • Agreed. I want to see a big turn around from Tochi-from-Kochi. The last few tournaments have looked rough.

  3. Glad Yoshikaze hasn’t fallen any further than one rank to M8 and wait…. who do I see at M15 – KYOKUTAISEI 🧡


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