Haru State of Play Day 13 Update

The Yusho Race

The torikumi committee’s Kaisei gambit didn’t pay off, as Kakuryu had the big Brazilian down on the dirt in a fraction of a second in a highly anticlimactic bout. In retrospect, Mitakeumi might have given the Yokozuna a bigger challenge. As it is, Kakuryu (12-1) now leads Takayasu, Kaisei, and Ikioi by 2 wins with two days to go.

Tomorrow, the Yokozuna can clinch the yusho with a victory against Goeido. Their career record (27-12) favors Kakuryu by slightly more than 2:1, and he has the big prize on the line, while Goeido is fighting for (ahem) pride, so I’d give the Yokozuna even better odds. Should he lose, and if any of the chasers win, then Kakuryu would need to beat Takayasu, against whom he’s 12-6, on senshuraku to avoid a playoff. [We at Tachiai.org are not betting against the Yokozuna. –PinkMawashi]

On Day 14, Takayasu faces Mitakeumi, who took advantage of the schedulers’ gift to break a 5-match losing streak and get an all-important 6th win, and who will be highly motivated to try to hang on to his rank, or at least a place in sanyaku. Kaisei drops back into the maegashira ranks to face Daishomaru, while Ikioi goes up against Ishiura.

The Sanyaku

Tochinoshin picked up his 5th and arguably his worst loss of the tournament today, as he was simply beaten by Shodai in a belt battle – a huge letdown after yesterday’s huge win, perhaps? He faces Chiyomaru tomorrow and likely Ichinojo on senshuraku, and needs to win both to carry a credible Ozeki run into Natsu. Ichinojo went meekly today against Shohozan, and seems satisfied with his 8 wins, which should see him at Sekiwake if Mitakeumi loses another bout.

With his win today, and losses by Kaisei and Tamawashi, Endo takes a clear lead in the race for the first open sanyaku slot. This is Endo’s first kachi-koshi in ten tries from a rank of M4 or higher, and we may finally see him break through into the named ranks. He faces Hokutofuji tomorrow, and probably Shohozan, Shodai, or Abi on senshuraku.

Remaining intra-sanyaku bouts (my predictions for Day 15):

Day 14: Takayasu vs. Mitakeumi; Kakuryu vs. Goeido

Day 15: Tochinoshin vs. Ichinojo; Goeido vs. Mitakeumi; Kakuryu vs. Takayasu

The Demotion Zone

With his win today, Daiamami earned his kachi-koshi and a place in the top division for Natsu. Tochiozan still needs a win, Nishikigi lost today and needs one or two, while Myogiryu staved off demotion with a win but still needs to win out.

5 thoughts on “Haru State of Play Day 13 Update

  1. I’m always fasciated to watch the wrestlers sitting in the front row—-the guys who are scheduled to fight in the upcoming bouts. Many seem to show no interest whatsoever in the action right in front of them. Kakuryu, for instance, never seems to watch and actually turns his head away from the ring somewhat. Others seem to peek without raising their heads, moving their eyes or appearing to seem overly interested, while others, like the fans, will openly watch the bout. Has anyone else ever noticed this phenomenon or am I over-analyzing absolutely nothing here?

    • The look on Tochinoshin’s face after that Ichinojo bout was like, “What’s that smell?”

  2. For people who place bets on these matches, any bout involving Ichinojo must prove to be a real conundrum. You never know which Ichinojo is going to climb those steps everyday. He’s the one guy who must be the most difficult to bet on or against. And if his back is acting up, it’s impossible to tell. The man, literally, shows no emotion at all. Win or lose—-not a head shake or a grimace or anything.

  3. I am hoping that Kakuryu will put this baby to bed tomorrow. Other wish-list items: Tochinoshin and Ichinojo both win to set up a great final day match; “Chubs” Chiyomaru wins out and gets a prize; Mitakeumi ends 0-2 and drops from sanyaku (sorry, I like the guy but he has been doing nothing with the sekiwake rank and needs a kick up the a*rse): Endo and Tamawashi win out to take the komusubi slots: Fighting Spirit prize to Ikioi: Nishikigi survives again. Next week’s winning lottery numbers would also be nice.

  4. So disappointed with Mitakuemi’s performance .As if he forgot how to fight in the second week.At least the last time he got his kachi-koshi.Don’t like his odds against the Big Bear tomorrow).


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