Takakeisho Withdraws from 2018 Haru Basho

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Tachiai has learned that Maegashira 3 Takakeisho has withdrawn from the 2018 Haru Basho citing a contusion on his right foot. He has been prescribed three weeks recovery time for his injury. His Day 11 opponent, Kaisei, will pick up a fusen win bringing his overall record to 10-1. Coming out of Day 10 with a 3-7 record, the former Komosubi Takakeisho will undoubtedly drop further down the Banzuke. We at Tachiai hope that Takakeisho heals up and returns with the same vigor that brought him so much success in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Takakeisho Withdraws from 2018 Haru Basho

  1. Probably a day late, but at least he’s being sensible, and at 21, time is on his side.

  2. He is a great sumo wrestler who will give him a quick recovery and follow his triumphs in the passion he is passionate about, a big hug TAKAKEISHO.


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