Haru State of Play Day 11 Update

The Yusho Race

Kakuryu (11-0) leads by one over Kaisei and by two over Takayasu.

The remaining four matches for Kakuryu and Takayasu are set. Kakuryu gets Tochinoshin on Day 12, followed by Mitakeumi, Goeido, and Takayasu. If he drops a match in the next three days, or if Kaisei were to stay at one loss, the last bout on senshuraku could decide whether we have a playoff!

Takayasu gets Chiyomaru, Goeido, and Mitakeumi before taking on the Yokozuna. The schedulers have a lot of options with Kaisei. He gets Endo tomorrow, and depending on whether he remains in the race, could still face Tamawashi, Ichinojo Chiyotairyu, and Tochinoshin.

The Sanyaku

We know Chiyotairyu’s slot will be open, and, sadly, it looks increasingly likely that Mitakeumi’s might be as well, given that he’s dropped four in a row and would need to come up with two victories against Shodai (quite likely), the two Ozeki, and the Yokozuna. Ichinojo looks set to move up to Sekiwake. The battle for the open slot(s) most likely comes down to the two M1’s and Kaisei.

Endo’s opponents after Kaisei are probably Chiyomaru, Shodai, and Shohozan. Tamawashi has Takarafuji tomorrow, likely followed by Kaisei, Chiyomaru, and Shohozan.

Remaining intra-sanyaku bouts (my predictions after Day 12):

Day 12: Goeido vs. Ichinojo; Kakuryu vs. Tochinoshin

Day 13: Takayasu vs. Goeido; Kakuryu vs. Mitakeumi

Day 14: Takayasu vs. Mitakeumi; Kakuryu vs. Goeido

Day 15: Tochinoshin vs Ichinojo (!!!); Goeido vs. Mitakeumi; Kakuryu vs. Takayasu

The Demotion Zone

Chiyoshoma, Ishiura, Ryuden and Aoiyama locked up their places in Makuuchi on Day 11. Daiamami could use one more win, and Tochiozan definitely needs one. Nishikigi, Sokokurai and Myogiryu still need multiple wins. Only Sokokurai picked up a (disputed) victory today, but it may have been a Pyrrhic one, given how hurt he looked after the bout. Losses by Kotoyuki and Hidenoumi removed any remaining doubt that they’ll be in Juryo next time.

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    • Oops, of course, thanks, I read one line over, it should be Chiyotairyu (but given how he’s doing, Shohozan could be a more formidable choice).


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