A Few Day 6 Matches of Note

The schedulers keep feeding Kakuryu cupcakes. Perhaps they mistake him for Ichinojo? Did you know that Tamawashi likes to bake cupcakes? But I digress. Tomorrow, the sole participating Yokozuna takes on the sad remains of former Ozeki Kotoshogiku, who is 1-4.

One of the Ozeki bouts also holds little intrigue. Takayasu takes on winless Takarafuji, whom he’s basically owned, especially recently. The other is a different story. Undefeated and very genki Shohozan comes up into the joi ranks to take on Goeido. Their record is surprisingly even at 7-10, with Shohozan claiming the last two. This one could be over in a blink, or it could turn into a street brawl all over the dohyo.

The other joi matchups also have high entertainment potential. Endo takes on Sekiwake Tochinoshin. Both men are 3-2, and neither wants to pick up a third loss. Both prefer to fight on the mawashi. Tochinoshin prevailed in their last meeting, punctuating his 14-1 yusho with a senshuraku victory, but their 3-2 career record slightly favors Endo, who claimed their two previous recent bouts.

The bout before this one is a battle for tadpole supremacy. The king of the tadpoles, Sekiwake Mitakeumi, is one off the yusho pace at 4-1. He takes on upstart Takakeisho, who is having an up-and-down basho with a 2-3 record. The two have split their four previous meetings.

Closing out the sanyaku bouts is the Komusubi clash between Ichinojo and Chiyotairyu. The two have mirror records (4-1 and 1-4, respectively) and not much recent history. Chiyotairyu has the bulk, if not the skill, to challenge Ichinojo. Will the giant boulder continue to bounce back from his hiccup against Mitakeumi and stay in the yusho race?

Two matches not involving sanyaku wrestlers are notable because of the opponents’ shikonas. In the joi, we get the battle of the Eagles: Arawashi vs. Tamawashi. And further down the banzuke, two mountains clash when Aoiyama takes on Asanoyama.


3 thoughts on “A Few Day 6 Matches of Note

  1. Some great matches lined up for tomorrow. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am really enjoying this basho!

  2. Eh, if there’s a single Yokozuna they always get it easy in the first week. It’s not like he gets to skip fighting Mitakeumi and Tochinoshin.

    • I agree. The schedulers have to have opponents for everyone and he’s already fought the Komisubis. Can’t do much else because the rest of the San’yaku is scheduled for him next week.


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