Haru Day 3 Match to Watch


This one is easy: at the very top of the torikumi, it’s Kakuryu vs. Tamawashi in the only battle of the unbeaten (okay, 2-0) rikishi among the upper-rank bouts. Kakuryu was moving backwards today against Endo, which is not an encouraging sign despite his victory. Tamawashi looks determined to regain his sanyaku rank. The career record is 6-4 in favor of the Yokozuna, but Tamawashi has claimed the last three matches, including dealing Kakuryu the first loss at Hatsu on Day 11 that started the Yokozuna’s 4-day slide out of yusho contention. Will Kakuryu achieve vengeance, or will we see Happy Tamawashi again?

Also intriguing: 2-0 Mitakeumi vs. Endo (1-1) and Kotoshogiku vs. Tochinoshin. Both rikishi are 1-1, and Kotoshogiku has dominated the career series 24-6, but that was mostly in his better days as an Ozeki; the two have split their last four bouts, with Tochinoshin prevailing at Hatsu.

2 thoughts on “Haru Day 3 Match to Watch

  1. With Kakuryu’s primary weapon – his right hand – damaged, we will see a lot of reverse gear, and pulls. He’s a walking kyujo for now.

  2. Tamawashi is looking very strong and balanced. And he’s smacking away any arms that try to pull him forward, so that won’t work. His concentration usually slips for a few days somewhere along the line, but y’know …… I’m thinking/hoping this may be his moment (he’s not getting any younger, either).


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