Wakaichiro In Action Day 1

Wakaichiro Tachiai

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro mounts the Haru dohyo for his first match on Sunday, going up against Sandanme 88 Sakaefuji. Sakaefuji, from Sakaigawa heya, is another long time veteran, having begun professional sumo in 2011, whose highest rank has been Sandanme 72. At approximately 200 kg, he will have a significant weight advantage over Wakaichiro.

Wakaichiro’s fans are all looking to see him do better than his prior ranking in Sandanme, where he finished with a losing record. The rikishi in this division are generally more experienced and larger than in Jonidan, and represent a sea-change in difficulty.

As always, we will bring you results – and video if we can find it – as it happens.

2 thoughts on “Wakaichiro In Action Day 1

  1. Sakaefuji has enormous bulk, but his record suggests that he doesn’t have much else. Our Texas Tornado should whirl around for a while, using his speed, agility and technique and then win by hatakikomi or hikiotoshi when the big lad gets gassed. Gosh,sumo is so easy in theory!


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