Osunaarashi – The End

Earlier today, a regular meeting of the NSK board took place. One of the items on the agenda was the case of Osunaarashi driving without a license.


The board decided to issue a recommendation to retire, which is the second most severe punishment for members’ misconduct in the NSK’s arsenal. In addition, his severance pay will be docked 30%.

Osunaarashi has already handed in his retirement documents before the board meeting. The NSK will now formally accept them.

And so ends the career of the first representative of Africa in the sumo world. Osunaarashi joined the sumo world in 2012, and by the end of 2013 was already in Makuuchi. He was the first sumo wrestler in the modern era to win kinboshi on two consecutive days.

3 thoughts on “Osunaarashi – The End

  1. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    I liked his sumo and to see him go out like that is a real shame. But there was not really much wiggle room the way he messed this up…

  2. So unfortunate. Osunaarashi is still young, and has plenty of time to re-direct his energies, and go on to have a stellar life. But this chapter…is without a doubt…DONE. He was one of my favorites. I’m glad I was able to see him do his style of Sumo, before nagging injuries knock him down to the second highest level. He’ll recover and put this sad event behind. Good luck Osunaarashi, and take care.


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