The Calm Before Haru


Mole Boss Resting
The Mole Boss Resting Before Haru

Most sumo fans are out there wondering, “Is the Tachiai crew hiding, captured or simply drinking single malt and listening to classical music?”.  The truth be told, there is more or less zero news in the sumo world right now, and that fact shows on the pages of our favorite sumo blog.

This week there is a mass migration of personnel from Tokyo to Osaka, as the stables set up their base camps and begin training up for the upgoing basho. This weekend is banzuke weekend, and as always the Tachiai crew are eagerly waiting to see just how close lksumo got in his typically amazing forecast.

5 thoughts on “The Calm Before Haru

  1. By the way, the cat’s name is actually “Muur” (“cat” in Mongolian – he was named by Sokokurai). He only became “Mole” through the impossibilities of Japanese transliteration. 😸

    • Oh, sure, but he is now and forever the “Mole Boss” in the scope of Bruce’s tenure at Tachiai. He is an epic beast of mighty strength and boundless slumber. Hell, even Hakuho fears him!

  2. Some of the Tachiai crew has been at the Olympics! But oh boy am I excited for what we’ve got to share this week!


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