Tachiai Alexa Skill Live


We have posted some previews of this thing in action before, but the Tachiai sumo news skill for Amazon Echo and all Alexa devices is now live. If you use Echo and want Tachiai news added to your flash news briefing, you can add it to your device here

Tachiai Sumo News – Alexa Skill

In addition to accessing it from any Amazon Echo device, you can also access it from the Amazon shopping app on any mobile phone or device. I will likely post a detailed set of “how to” instructions shortly.

Please note, this news feed is NOT spoiler free. Once the Haru basho starts, it will be updated in almost real time with match results and events.

Ever wanted to hear what is up in sumo while you drive to work or take mass transit? This is your answer. Ever want to hear about what rikishi are up to while you go about your daily life? This will do that.

Go forth and enjoy.

One thought on “Tachiai Alexa Skill Live

  1. Would’ve loved to give it a try but alas not available for me in Germany.
    Still awesome you are doing this for Ōzumō fans :)


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