Coming Soon….

Well, my early “un-shielded” post somewhat gave this away. So for followers of the site who have asked us for daily podcasts they can listen to while driving or riding the train to work, we have figured out how to have Alexa & Siri do it for us.

She is butchering Japanese words terribly, so I am hoping we can work with her on pronunciation.

23 thoughts on “Coming Soon….

    • Well, more like an Alexa / Siri news feed. Should be hell-on-wheels during the basho. Many many problems to work out before it goes live, such as how to not need to spell the feed “ta chi eye” to get it pronounced correctly.

  1. Are those little tanuki rikishi figurines? That’s totally cute.

    I love this site, so informative and friendly. Thank you everyone!

    (from a very recent fan of the sport)


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