State of play update: Day 14

This will be a brief one.

The Yusho Race

Tochinoshin won!!! Takayasu will claim the jun-yusho all by himself with a win; if he loses, Kakuryu and Ryuden will have opportunities to join him with victories on senshuraku.

The Sanyaku

With Goeido’s victory today, neither Ozeki will be kadoban in Osaka.

Tamawashi’s loss means three sanyaku slots will be open. The first two belong to Tochinoshin and Ichinojo. Endo is in the lead for the second Komusubi slot, but he faces Tochinoshin tomorrow. Should Endo lose, either Kotoshogiku or Chiyotairyu can claim the slot with a win on senshuraku.

The Promotion/Demotion Line

Dropping to Juryo: Terunofuji and Aminishiki. Taking over their slots: most likely Myogiryu and Hidenoumi. Aoiyama has also done enough for promotion, and Kyokutaisei is either there or close. But there may not be room for all four, as Sokokurai has done almost enough to be safe, and faces what’s left of Terunofuji tomorrow. Also, both Takekaze and Daiamami can reach safety by winning on the final day. Daiamami vs. Aoiyama may be a de facto exchange bout, while Takekaze needs a win against Asanoyama to stay in Makuuchi. Victories today have assured IkioiAsanoyama, and Nishikigi  of top division places in Osaka.

7 thoughts on “State of play update: Day 14

  1. Asanoyama faded quite a bit over the second week, a far cry from his first basho in Makuuchi. Any chance you have thoughts on any of the sansho / special prizes?

    Great stuff as always!

    • I’ve been thinking about this too.

      With 10 wins in his Makuuchi debut, Ryuden is a lock for the Kanto-sho. Abi will be right there with him if he can pick up a win tomorrow. With wins over a Yokozuna, an Ozeki and everyone else in the San’yaku, Ichinojo has a very good shot at the Shuken-sho.

      Even though he won the yusho, Tochinoshin eligable for sansho prizes and I could see him receiving a kanto-sho quite easily (Kyokutenho won the fighting spirit prize at the same basho he won his Emperors cup back in 2012). There is also slim chance Tochinoshin could be in the running for a shuken-sho, but I think it’s unlikely as he failed to defeat the only Yokozuna he faced.

      I’ve not really seen anything that stood out enough for the Technique prize however.

  2. Kanto-sho for Ryuden, maybe also Abi if he wins on Day 15. Tochinoshin should win between 1 and 3 prizes :). I don’t know how the Shukun-sho works when there it’s a Maegashira victory.

  3. Interesting stat about Tochinoshin winning the yusho without defeating any Yokozuna. Do we know when that last happened? Particularly with a 14-1 (if that’s what he gets tomorrow)

  4. Now with day 15 finished and neither Endou nor Kotoshogiku winning, but Tamwashi winning his final bout, I feel like Tamawashi might have actually saved a Sanyaku rank. Don’t think an 8-7 at M3 for Chiyotairyu should be enough to get past a 6-9 Sekiwake.
    The Juryo promotion however will be very interesting with all the lower ranked maegashira putting up winning records. Either Aoiyama or Kyokutaisei will get the short end of the stick. Now just imagine Takekaze hadn’t lost. Interestingly Hidenoumi also lost to both Aoiyama and Kyokutaisei, while Kyokutaisei beat both and also Myogiryu.
    I wonder how they will resolve this jam at the top ;)


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