State of play update: Day 12

Holy cow! How else to describe the Day 12 action?

The Yusho Race

Tochinoshin survives a fierce oshi attack from Tamawashi, and then forces the Sekiwake out with his preferred brand of yotsu-zumo. Kakuryu inexplicably pulls again, and Endo patiently takes advantage and pushes him out. Tochinoshin is now the sole leader!

The Sanyaku

In the Ozeki duel, Takayasu runs his total to 9 wins, dropping Goeido to 6-6. Goeido has lost three straight, and now needs to win 2 out of 3 to avoid kadoban status.

Mitakeumi looks lost, losing his fifth (!) straight match, to a struggling Okinoumi, no less. He still needs a win to remain Sekiwake, and will have to get it against the Ozeki-Yokozuna trio. Tamawashi’s defeat will drop him from Sekiwake, with Tochinoshin likely taking over that slot. Tamawashi likely needs to win his remaining three matches to stay in Sanyaku. Takakeisho’s loss drops him to make-koshi and out of Sanyaku. With Onosho’s demotion, that’s two open slots, which should be occupied by Tochinoshin and the suddenly unstoppable, dominant Ichinojo, who earned his kachi-koshi today by absolutely destroying Yoshikaze with one arm. Tochinoshin and Ichinojo clash tomorrow in the MATCH OF THE DAY.

One more loss by Tamawashi should open up a third Sanyaku slot. The contenders for promotion to Komusubi get reshuffled daily. Leading today: Kotoshogiku, Shodai, Endo.

The Promotion/Demotion Line

Dropping to Juryo: Terunofuji. May or may not be able to save himself with 3 wins, but who are we kidding: Aminishiki.

Need one win to be safe: Ikioi, Asanoyama, Ishiura, Nishikigi. Need two wins: Sokokurai, Takekaze, Daiamami.

[Looking at promotion from Juryo: Goodness knows. Myogiryu, Kyokutaisei, Hidenoumi and Aoiyama are all in with a shot. –PinkMawashi]

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    • Based on his complete change of sumo, that’s my assumption. I’m wondering if he has lower back issues (Mitakeumi too, perhaps?) because of his complete avoidance of forward thrusting sumo.


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