Onosho Withdraws from Hatsu Basho

The Japanese news has reported that Komusubi Onosho has withdrawn from the 2018 Hatsu basho due to a right knee posterior cruciate ligament injury. While the severity of the injury is undisclosed as of yet, treatments range from simply resting and icing the joint to physiotherapy. Going kyujo with a 4-5 record coming into Day 9, Onosho will receive a demotion back into the Maegashira rank for March. As a result, we will have a new Komusubi for Haru, and with Takakeisho sitting dangerously close to a make koshi, we could potentially have two new faces holding the rank come Hatsu. We at Tachiai hope that the power of the red mawashi will heal Onosho and that he returns even stronger!

6 thoughts on “Onosho Withdraws from Hatsu Basho

  1. But WICH is the reason of all these injuries? Every Basho Three or Four Rikishi come out…can JSA resolve this problem?

  2. Dr Wiki says that a minor PCL tear can heal itself given plenty of rest and physio. Let’s hope that’s the case and PLEASE don’t rush the kid back into action before it heals properly. Better take 2 basho out and come back in juryo than risk permanent damage.

    • Since Onosho is in the San’yaku for this basho, if he takes two basho off, he’s likely to be at the bottom of the Megashira ranks when he comes back. High Juryo is possible, though.


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