Wakaichiro Wins Day 8 Match, Remains Undefeated

News from Twitter: Wakaichiro prevailed in his day 8 match against Hokutohomare. In a wild bout that saw Wakaichiro in reverse for most of it, he eventually caught Hokutohomare too far forward, and applied a hatakikomi slap down.

With this win, Wakaichro remains unbeaten, improves to 4-0, and is kachi-koshi. The kachi-koshi is a fairly big deal, as Wakaichiro was demoted from Sandanme in November, and a kachi-koshi may propel him back up to the 3rd division for the Haru basho in March. Unbeaten, he remains in the unbeaten bracket, and may face his next opponent day 9.

Congratulations to Wakaichio, outstanding performance this basho!

9 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 8 Match, Remains Undefeated

  1. Wow, fantastic!! Although, there are many tough days ahead. Let’s hope he can keep it going. If he ever reaches the top levels, we need to be there in the crowd!

  2. It’s very visible now for those of us who have watched him for a while how he has continued to grow! Good stuff and thanks for posting Bruce!

    • Agreed, right now I think it’s really good that he has improved his sumo significantly, and has reached kachi-koshi.

  3. Great to see our lad rebounding after what must have been a desperately disappointing result in November. I know that he will,as they say, do his best and take each match as it comes, but this where it gets exciting as the unbeaten guys will start to get paired against each other.

  4. He’s drawn against Kaiho- a man who’s been bouncing between the lower divisions for the last few years and has had injury problems. Wakaichiro will be giving away about 40kg. Gook luck!

    • I will be at the stadium tomorrow, and will post the video to the Tachiai Instagram as soon as I get it.


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