Wakaichiro Returns Day 8


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro has had a fantastic start to the Hatsu basho, going 3-0, winning each of his first three matches. In Jonidan, the matches start to get segregated, where rikishi with identical records will face off in an effort to winnow down the yusho field to a handful of competitors going into the final days.

With his strong start, Wakaichiro finds himself fighting in the undefeated bracket on day 8. For his next match he faces Jonidan 20 East Hokutohomare, from Hakkaku heya. Hokutohomare has been in sumo since 2011, and his highest rank is Sandanme 80 two tournaments ago. Hokutohomare is shorter and lighter than Wakaichiro, but brings in a wealth of experience on the dohyo.

As with his prior matches, we will bring you the results as we learn them.

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