Update – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Damaged Toe

Hakuho Toe 2018

When Yokozuna Hakuho withdrew from Hatsu, the medical reason given was “Injury to is foot thumb” ie, his big toe. Some fans mocked that it was embarrassing for a Yokozuna to withdraw due to a “boo boo on his big toe”.

For those wondering how bad it really was, we give you both the photo above, and the tweet below. Not for those who are squeamish.  It is predicted that Hakuho will be out until the Osaka Haru basho, hopefully his puss and blood filled mess will be resolved by then.

6 thoughts on “Update – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Damaged Toe

  1. The big toe is in bad shape, no question. However, if you look at his middle three toes, you realize how harsh this sport is on the toes. Hopefully, he heals up good and returns soon.

  2. As a gout sufferer I can tell you that a painful big toe can incapacitate a man pretty effectively. I do a lot of hopping, which I don’t think would be very effective in a bout of sumo. And I bet they don’t allow walking sticks (or “canes” to my American friends) on the dohyo.

  3. Well, I did advise him to accompany his press release with the X-rays from his feet. I guess no X-rays, but he is going on a PR defensive, which is somewhat of a novelty in the sumo world.


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