Aminishiki Withdraws from Hatsu Basho


Aminishiki defeating Kagayaki at the 2017 Kyushu Basho


Uncle Sumo Aminishiki has withdrawn from the 2018 Hatsu Basho after re-injuring his right knee during his Day 5 bout with Chiyonokuni. Aminishiki was in a great deal of pain following his match and was unable to return to the dohyo to bow or leave for the dressing unassisted. As many readers know, Uncle Sumo’s knees are held together by tape and prayer at this point, so any further damage could potentially be career ending. We at Tachiai hope that this is not the case, and that our beloved Uncle returns to the dohyo soon.

Update: examination shows that he did not re-injure his ligament, but rather had a bone bruising of the tibia, which is painful but not career-ending. A bone bruise usually results in a hematoma. That has been drained out, and on January 22nd (basho day #9) Aminishiki will undergo a second examination. If he does not develop an inflammation, he will attempt to return to the basho (Daily Sports – Herouth).

14 thoughts on “Aminishiki Withdraws from Hatsu Basho

  1. Time to mark another name down in the Sumo Note. Sorry Chiyonokuni, but that’s 10 basho of bad luck for harming our beloved Uncle.

    I need to send a Get Well Soon package for everyone in Isegahama somehow.

    • Seeing how Chyonokuni was shocked and was checking on Uncle immediately I think it’s highly unfair to hold this accident against Kuni. Wishing him bad luck will only see him injured, something I don’t wish any rikishi, regardless of perceived shortcomings or unlucky bout outcomes.

      • Well now, it’s also unfair that we don’t have imaginary accursed magic books in real life then. Our words and feelings can’t influence random chance any more than throwing salt around. :P

        If you want to look at it in a more serious fashion, every rikishi will suffer one or more injuries in his career. Aminishiki is fighting a losing battle.

        • … Fighting a losing battle.
          Blaming Chyonokuni for the inevitable is still highly unfair. He did nothing wrong or with ill intend.

  2. I feel bad for Uncle Sumo. I hope he can recover from physical tolls of the sport after his trip to the Barber.

  3. “If he does not develop an inflammation, he will attempt to return to the basho”

    Fingers crossed he can return. We’ve come to like Uncle. He has much fighting spirit. :-)

    • I think that Uncle will return if he can walk. His results might not be great, but he’ll want to finish the basho.


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