Yokozuna Hakuho Withdraws From Hatsu


Word from the Japanese sumo press that Yokozuna Hakuho will be kyujo from day 5, citing injuries to both feet and problems with his big toes.  Fans will recall that in 2016 he underwent surgery to remove a bone chip from one big toe, and it appears he may have re-injured that toe, and picked up additional new damage to the left foot as well.

With his withdraw, Kotoshogiku picks up a much needed win, but loses a solid chance at an another kinboshi.

We wish Hakuho a speedy recovery.

10 thoughts on “Yokozuna Hakuho Withdraws From Hatsu

  1. Yoshikaze was today…Kotoshogiku gets the fusen win, although Yoshikaze might too depending on what Kisenosato decides to do.

  2. That looks extremely painful. I’m glad Hakuho is wise enough to rest when he needs to and not push on like another Yokozuna I know… (although I suppose those 40 yusho probably make it a little bit easier to take some time off). I think it was John Gunning who said that we can expect to see Hakuho miss one or two Basho a year from now on, and it appears he’s right. I just hope The Boss’s detractors don’t use this legitimate injury as another way to drag his name through the mud as Herouth suggested. Get healthy Hakuho, and come back hungry for yusho number 41!

    Just a quick note, I think you mean Kotoshogiku instead of Yoshikaze, as Hakuho faced the berserker today.

    • I don’t know. Hakuho stubs his toe and goes Kyujo when other rikishi fight even with serious injuries that would warrant a longer pause (Ura, Kise, etc).

      • The type of injury also matters. Injuring a big toe means that a person literally can’t balance on that foot at all. It’s a “smaller injury” in the physical sense, but it affects so much especially in a sport like sumo.

  3. My toe looked much the same after it accidentally got stomped on long ago. Took a good 2.5 months for the toenail to fall off and regrow. I can’t imagine trying to maintain proper balance and movement like that, ouch!


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