Wakaichiro Wins Day 5

News via Twitter that Jonidan rikishi Wakaichiro won his match Thursday morning in Tokyo. He defeated Tochigidake, in a match that Wakaichiro clearly dominated. Though the kimarite is not listed, I would assume it will be oshidashi.

Congratulations to Wakaichiro for starting the new year with an impressive 3-0 record!

7 thoughts on “Wakaichiro Wins Day 5

  1. Is it my imagination but is Wakaichiro getting stronger and more confident with each round? Very impressive work, smiling from ear to ear 😉🌝

    • I agree, he looks like a different man this time, maybe because like Samson, as his hair gets longer, he gains strength!

  2. Andy and I were co-watching it as it happened, and yeah, we thought so too. First off, there may have been a matta at the start, but Wakaichiro just kept rolling with it, and moving forward. That’s an impressive and essential change from earlier last year. His sumo really has improved from Kyushu, and thus far it’s really doing quite well.

  3. He should get promoted back up to Sandame if he goes 5-2, so he just needs to split his remaining 4 matches.

  4. I’m glad for the videos, since his matches have been airing before I’m done with work.

    His technique is much improved. I’m still a bit worried about how he will deal with some of the more massive Sandanme regulars in the future. Better work on those sidesteps and pivots!

  5. Looks pretty aggressive and poised this basho, hoping he continues to perform well and move up the ranks.

  6. I think the promotion up to Sandame, and subsquent demotion, has done a lot for Wakaichiro’s work ethic and comfort on the dohyo. He’s already had his “make-koshi nightmare” result, so he can be more fearless in his bouts and focus more on his technique. Gambarize, Wakaichiro! He looks great!


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