Wakaichiro’s First Hatsu Match – Day 2


Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro starts his campaign on day 2. He is seeking to bounce back from a disappointing 1-6 record at Kyushu, which dropped him from Sandanme back down to the upper ranks of Jonidan. Now ranked Jonidan 23 East (after being Sandanme 85 West in November).

For his first match, he faces Jonidan 23 West Takanonari. Takanonari is an 18 year old rikishi from Chiganoura heya, fighting at his highest rank ever. He has been bouncing around Jonidan and Jonokuchi since March of 2015, and is eager for a chance at a winning record and a bid for promotion.

As always, we will bring you the outcome as soon as we know it.

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