Ura Recovering From Knee Surgery

Ura-CartoonFor fans eager to hear news of Ura, we have some updates. News comes from a pair of tweets that report that on December 17th, Ura was discharged from the hospital where he underwent surgery to rebuild his damaged knee. The surgery reportedly took place on or around November 30th, and from the photo shown, it appears that quite a bit of work was done.

There is no word yet on how he is doing, or the condition of the knee. Fans should keep in mind that Ura will not be able to even begin sumo practice for a few months, if ever. Everyone who delighted in his twisty-turny, physics defying sumo hope that he takes the time needed to get healthy, regardless of any possible return to sumo.

Using US sports medicine guidelines, Ura should not even consider training until the 4th month after surgery, and return to competition no sooner than 6 months.  Given the rigors of sumo and the risks of re-injury unless his lower body is strong and solid, we may not see Ura return to the dohyo until late in 2018.

4 thoughts on “Ura Recovering From Knee Surgery

  1. Wow, sounds like if he returns, it will be something of a miracle! Here’s wishing him the best though.

  2. Found that tweet… Looks like indeed they only operated on the ligament, not on the meniscus on his other leg. Too bad. So much rehabilitation he’ll have to go through, only to be limited by the other leg. :-(

  3. What a shame. I was so touched after his gold-star win over Harumafuji when, during the interview, he couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. And everybody seems to love the guy, too. The article made it sound like some wrestlers never return from this procedure. Anybody come to mind who had this particular surgery done recently?

  4. Oh Ura! I so wish a speedy recovery – but to recover well and cause no further damage, he needs to recover slowly and listen to his surgeons. he’s such a delight to watch – his genuine enthusiasm is contageous!


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