Merry Christmas From Tachiai

Utagawa Hiroshige-Night Snow at Kambara,
Utagawa Hiroshige, “Night Snow at Kambara”

To all of our readers and all sumo fans globally, the Tachiai team wishes each of you a joyful Christmas, if you follow that tradition. If not, we wish you a first-rate winter break.

12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From Tachiai

  1. Dear Santa,

    Yes, I know, as a Jew I’m not even supposed to talk to you. But I’m going to speak on behalf of sumo fans everywhere, and most sumo fans, being Japanese, celebrate Christmas for some unfathomable reason. You seem to be an adopted kami out there in the land of the rising sun.

    So I would like to ask for some gifts for my fellow sumo fans, who have mostly been good boys and girls this year.

    First, can you get the sumo wrestlers some health and safety? Can we settle for nothing more serious than Yoshikaze’s occasional nosebleed?

    I know for a fact that Terunofuji will be happy to get a pair of brand-new, stainless-steel knees. But there are some people here who say he hasn’t been a good boy this whole year, so maybe we shouldn’t be greedy.

    Second, some people can use some good sense and a shot of humanity. I’m talking especially about people who believe that Sumo being the Japanese National Sports means that it should be restricted to people with a Japanese birth certificate. As a gaijin kami, you know what I’m talking about, right? And those who just think that Mongolians in particular should be kicked out of the sport. And in general, those who want to go back to the age of the Japanese Empire or even the Edo period. Because isolation is a good thing. See North Korea.

    We don’t need that. Please get them some good sense, because frankly lumps of coals just add pollutants to the air and don’t help change people’s minds.

    Another group that should be getting a gift, preferably a sackful of intelligence and wisdom, is the NSK. They seem to be really low on those commodities, which they need in order to finally find a proper way to keep discipline in their stables without using slaps, remote controls, or golf clubs. I know. Sports associations in general are not a breeding ground for good sense, let alone creativity and innovation. But sumo has been the first sport to adopt live video re-runs to aid referees. So how about helping them find “preventive measures” which are more effective and less superficial than two hours of lectures at the Kokugikan or a yearly “Violence Prevention Day”?

    Give Aminishiki some more power, to ensure his kachi-koshi early. Grant Ishiura some more technique to help him keep the lid on his henka. Give Onosho some footwork, and Ichinojo some more tenacity. If you have a spare neck, I think Takarafuji could use one. Give Kakuryu some extra health. He should not retire in a basho he is not being paid to participate in.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Herouth, as articulate and perfect as your posting is, I’m skeptical any of those folks will get those gifts that you so accurately point out they need. Most of all, I don’t foresee improved health for anyone in 2018. It appears we are in a bad cycle concerning the health of our best and most watchable wrestlers. If, God forbid, Hakuho gets infected by the injury bug, grand sumo may well be in for a very dreary 2018.

    • Santa, everything Herouth said; seconding this post out loud on the theory that two Jews may be better than one re such petitions. Happy all-the-days to all from this newish Stateside sumo fan, and thanks to everyone on this site who gives so generously of their knowledge and insight — here’s to a brighter 2018, as free of injuries and needless drama as possible.

    • I’d like to add to Santa’s Wishlist….
      1. Ura – full and unhampered recovery for BOTH knees with no injury recurrence so we can all once more, even if it takes until 2019 (as long as it needs to take) enjoy sumo at its unbridled enthusiastic best (he’s a joy);
      2. Kyokutaisei – eventual entry to the big league and a big shake up that my Hokkaido Hurricane can consistently deliver (yep, I lived in Sapporo many years ago so I have a special place in my heart for all Hokkaido rikishi starting with the Hokkaido Fox – Chiyonofuji);
      3. Aminishiki – reiterate the above request for titanium body parts and further longevity for our Uncle Sumo; and
      4. Yoshikaze for Ozeki (and less blood loss) _ okay this might be a long term forecast as it will be a historically magnificent comeback for my favourite rikishi.
      As u can see I’m an eternal optimist and a stayer 😉😂👍🏻❤️

  2. merry christmas and happy new year to you all. thank you for all the articles, they and you are deeply appreciated!

  3. I hope all the rikishi got lots of Christmas cake and fried chicken today, and will have a safe and injury-free New Year! And the same to all us fans as well. :)

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all who love Sumo and appreciate what it is supposed to represent. Agree it should be open to all.
    It would be pretty dull without the firey, fierce Mongolians!
    Would love to see Goeido do well and move towards upward promotion sometime soon.
    Wishing great health, no new injuries and fast healing to the injured.


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